Alexis Bouillet

Alexis Bouillet


After middle school, Alexis Bouillet was naturally drawn to obtaining a certificate of vocational proficiency (BEP) in pastry cooking. He start his career as 1/2 chief de Partie for the most famous Pastry Chief in Paris then in Taipei since the end of 2014.

In Octobre 2011, he scoop the Pastry World Champion title, at the international grand final in London.

Since the end of 2017, he has started a new challenge as an international Pastry Consultant for privates training, demonstrations and Masterclasses all around the world. At the same time, he joined to Escape From Paris Sweet Lab team and continuing the creation of new pastries for Taiwanese market.

"Coming from Normandy, it was my my roots that led me to discover CLUIZEL chocolates, which are made in this wonderful region.

Meeting the CLUIZEL team and using CLUIZEL products has taught me that high quality chocolate requires savoir-faire and passion above all else."

"Our goals were aligned and remain the same; uncompromising quality allows me to offer a range of Plantation chocolates with exceptional character.

Unique flavour for unique creations.I am also honoured to have been one of the main ambassadors for Manufacture CLUIZEL worldwide for several years, in
search of excellence and opportunities for sharing."