São Tomé is a small island located on the equator in the Gulf of Guinea, off the coast of Africa. Its volcanic soil and equatorial climate are so well suited to cocoa trees that São Tomé has been dubbed “the chocolate island”.

This nickname emphasises the importance and the quality of the island's chocolate.

Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean gives the beans from the Vila Gracinda Plantation a hint of iodine from the ocean spray.

The hot, humid climate is so well suited to cocoa trees that cocoa farming accounts for 90% of São Tomé's export revenue.

The chocolate island

The small island of São Tomé is principally home to animals, including parrots and turtles. It was one the first African islands to welcome the New World’s cocoa trees.


The Vila Gracinda Plantation, located by the sea, enhances the aromatic richness of its cocoa trees with a hint of iodine from the Atlantic Ocean spray. The beans are harvested by hand using traditional methods.


During the fermentation process, the beans are placed in large wooden containers covered with banana leaves.

A long-term trading relationship

The terroir of the Vila Gracinda Plantation endows its beans with an unparalleled aromatic profile. Following the fermentation and drying process, the Plantation manager, Fernandes Afonso Felisberto, sends the beans straight to the CLUIZEL Manufacture. This ensures that they are completely traceable.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture then roasts the beans itself and turns them into cocoa paste and, ultimately, into dark or milk chocolate.

The chocolate is therefore the result of a close and long-lasting collaboration, based on trade, dialogue and respect.

An exceptional chocolate

Vila Gracinda Plantation 73% Dark chocolate, the result of volcanic marine soil, reveals authentic and sustained aromatic notes. It starts by revealing toasted notes, before unveiling spiced, herbaceous notes, and finishes with tropical fruit and liquorice stick.


This chocolate is available in 3 kg mini grammes bags, 1 kg cocoa paste, 70 g bars, 5 g squares and as individual chocolates.