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Manufacture CLUIZEL

A family business for three generations

The CLUIZEL family has been expanding in the sensual world of chocolate in Damville in Normandy since 1948, surrounded by cocoa beans and chocolates.

Helped by nearly 200 employees, Marc Cluizel is now the third generation maintaining the strong values of the company and transforming it into the Manufacture of flavour.

While remaining a family business, a guarantee of independence and upholding values, the Manufacture CLUIZEL constantly reinvents itself in its commitment to offer quality chocolates, with exceptional and unforgettable flavours.

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Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Granted in 2012, the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, living heritage company) label is a sign of recognition from the French government that brings together producers committed to the high performance of their trade and their products.

The EPV label is a benchmark and a guarantee of quality: it is awarded to large companies that can bring together tradition and innovation, know-how and creation, work and passion, heritage and the future, local and international.

EPV companies keep their production activity in France. They represent the “Made in France” movement..

Strong values

The Manufacture CLUIZEL wishes to affirm its values, its individuality and its belief that a good product is the result of beautiful raw materials skilfully worked by hand.


The Manufacture CLUIZEL transforms selected cocoa beans into exceptional, distinguished and aromatic chocolates with a lengthy finish. From this perspective, as well as mastering the professions of confectioner and chocolatier, the Manufacture has become one of the very few Cacaoféviers® in the world.


This inventiveness is present every day, whether in being equipped with new technologies to improve production processes or in developing new products to surprise gourmets all over the world.


Generosity is an important value for the Cluizel family who own 100% of the Manufacture. This value is also found in the desire to commit to a sustainable development process with the cocoa farmers, as well as through the sharing and passing on of know-how during training workshops designed for professionals or individuals.


The teams at the Manufacture make the effort to work with sincerity and passion every day, to create chocolates that will delight you. The choice of raw materials is key, and MICHEL CLUIZEL chocolates have been certified as using “Noble Ingredients” since 1999. Similarly, the Manufacture wishes to enter into a sustainable relationship by creating genuine partnerships with the cocoa farmers.
The Manufacture CLUIZEL: a family history since 1948. The history of the company began 70 years ago, when Marcelle and Marc Cluizel, both former pastry chefs, decided to start making chocolates at their house. Their son Michel, then 16, soon joined in with the adventure. This 100% family business is now managed by the founder’s grandson, Marc Cluizel, who alongside his two sisters, champions the company’s values more than ever: Mastery, Inventiveness, Generosity and Sincerity.