Ilhéus - BRAZIL

Located in the Bahia region of Brazil, the Riachuelo Plantation enjoys a lush environment. It is located at the very heart of the Atlantic Forest, a verdant place where many varieties of trees typical of the region flourish, including massaranduba, pau d'arco, pequi and sucupira.

The Riachuelo Plantation is found close to the town of Ilhéus, next to the ocean.

It therefore benefits from an exceptionally rich biodiversity.

Cocoa farming was introduced to the Bahia region in 1746 and thrived due to the hot and humid climate.

Discover the Riachuelo Plantation

A traditional method

The RIACHUELO Plantation employs sustainable farming practices. Workers move around the plantation by mule, which minimises the risk of crop damage. The mules are also used to transport the cocoa pods.


The pods are harvested according to traditional methods. Two people are needed to carry out this task: the first person uses a pole to knock the cocoa pod to the ground, while the second retrieves it and places it into a sack. Breaking open the pods is also a two-person job: the first person cuts the pod in two, while the second collects the beans.

A place to live

Many local families earn their living at the Riachuelo Plantation. It is a genuine home to those workers - the majority - who live on site. A school has been set up to provide their children with education.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture has made it a point of principle to value the work carried out by Samuel de Jesus, who manages the Plantation, as well as all the workers, by naming the chocolate after the Plantation and by purchasing the cocoa beans at a price which ensures a decent standard of living and enables the continuous maintenance of the trees, thereby ensuring the sustainability of the trading relationship.

Exceptional chocolates...

The Manufacture uses the beans from the Riachuelo Plantation to make a fragrant 70% Dark Chocolate, marrying notes of roasted cocoa, nuts, berries and spices.


They have also created an infinitely fragrant 51% Milk Chocolate, combining delicious milk, creamy and butterscotch notes, mixed with notes of berries and toasted cocoa, which end on a beautiful fresh and spicy finish.


This chocolate is available in 3 kg mini grammes® bags, 1 kg cocoa paste, 70 g bars, 5 g squares and as individual chocolates.