The birthplace of one of America’s oldest civilisations, Guatemala has preserved the traditions of its Mayan ancestors.

Here, in the homeland of chocolate, the planters continue to use time-honoured farming methods: by hand and as close as possible to the cocoa trees.

The cocoa selected by the CLUIZEL Manufacture is characterised by beans that are highly aromatic, even before fermentation. This makes chocolate from the La Laguna Plantation the rightful descendent of a tradition of fine, classic cocoa.

Discover La Laguna Plantation

A lush plantation

The La Laguna plantation covers an area of 4,800 m². Approximately half the land has been left in its natural state, allowing the local flora and fauna to flourish. Nestled in the wilderness, the young cocoa trees enjoy an ideal position on the mountainside, at between 475 and 600 metres above sea level.

The plantation is naturally irrigated by the waterfalls of Semuc Champey which flow into the La Laguna lake. The coffee, eucalyptus and pine crops feed the ecosystem here which is ideal for cocoa farming.

Farming is the country’s main economic activity and La Laguna Plantation is vital to the community of Lanquín.
Crops are grown in keeping with traditional methods, with the addition of contemporary agricultural knowledge, in an overarching approach that seeks to protect the natural habitat.

A relationship of trust

Alongside his teams, Carlos del Cid who manages the La Laguna Plantation, carries out incredible work all year round, from maintaining the trees to harvesting the cocoa beans.

The chocolate from La Laguna Plantation is therefore the result of a close and long-lasting collaboration, based on trade, dialogue and respect.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture works closely with him in order to get the best out of the cocoa and provide exceptional products.

Exceptional chocolates...

The La Laguna Plantation 70% dark chocolate features highly distinctive yellow fruit notes throughout the tasting process. This chocolate starts by revealing delicious notes of plum and roasted cocoa, alongside generous notes of buttery stewed apple and liquorice. It finishes with a series of tangy, spicy and minty notes.

The 47% milk couverture chocolate, with its smooth, creamy texture, delivers a harmonious balance of delicate cappuccino and hot chocolate notes and notes of hazelnuts and toasted bread. The finish reveals notes of butterscotch with powerful cocoa and roasted coffee aromas.

his chocolate is available in 3 kg mini grammes® bags, 1 kg cocoa paste, 70 g bars, 5 g squares and as individual chocolates.