Tapachula - MEXICO

The Mokaya Plantation is located in the Chiapas region of Mexico, which sits alongside the Guatemalan border.

Nearly 2,000 years BC, the Mokayas – indigenous fishermen – were making drinks from cocoa pulp and beans; the first “chocolate” in the world, known at the time as “kakawa”.

In fertile volcanic soils at the heart of the country’s hottest region, today’s farmers follow the same traditional methods that have been used for one thousand years and date back to the time of the Mayans.

Discover the Mokaya Plantation

One thousand years of tradition

The Chiapas region was one of the first to grow cocoa. With its proximity to volcanic areas, it therefore enjoys a fertile, volcanic soil which produces fantastic cocoa pods.


The cocoa trees found on the Mokaya Plantation are native species and descend from the first cocoa trees ever cultivated. They therefore produce highly perfumed beans with an ancient flavour which can be turned into exceptional chocolate.


The Mokaya Plantation follows mixed farming practices, growing cocoa trees alongside coffee, eucalyptus, ceiba and cinnamon trees. These plants all live together in harmony and provide mutual protection.


The sheer size of the ceiba allows it to protect the rest of the crops due to the shade offered and the enriched soil provided by its roots. For the Mokaya forebears, this was a sacred tree. According to their belief system, the tree connects the world of the dead with the world of the living.


In keeping with the ethos of biodiversity, the Mokaya Plantation is organic. The region’s climate is especially conducive to the spread of insects, and thorough, painstaking work is therefore required to grow cocoa here.

A unique approach

José Caballero, the heir to these traditions, has set up systems to ensure that the cocoa here is farmed with respect for the biodiversity of the surrounding flora.

The Mokaya Plantation is made up of around forty small landowners. The harvested beans are then collected so they can be fermented and dried together, which ensures their exceptional flavour.

The beans are then sent straight to the Manufacture to be roasted. This unique and distinctive approach allows the CLUIZEL Manufacture to add value to the outstanding work of the grower and to bring it to the fore.

An exceptional chocolate...

The Manufacture uses the beans originating from the organic Mokaya Plantation to make an exceptional chocolate couverture and a cocoa paste.


The Mokaya Organic 66% Chocolate starts with notes of roasted cocoa combined with the sweetness of exotic fruit and finishes with a burst of dried fruit.


This chocolate is available in 3kg mini grammes bags, 1kg cocoa paste, 70 g bars, 5 g squares and as individual chocolates.