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A taste of excellence

The CLUIZEL Manufacture has a unique commitment to quality. Its “Noble Ingredients” commitment provides assurance about the selection of raw materials and offers professionals the guarantee that only pure cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla pods and sugar are used in the formulation of its products. The chocolate is guaranteed to be free from soya and flavourings added during the production process.
Alongside the cocoa beans, the raw materials required to make its creations and its fillings are also carefully selected by the CLUIZEL Manufacture.
Moreover, the Manufacture has made significant efforts to remove the colourings E171 and E172 from its products in order to provide you with products that are increasingly healthy and natural.

A pioneering approach to E171/E172

The values of the Manufacture and the commitment it has to its customers have led to significant efforts to remove E171 and E172 in particular, and artificial colours in general from its products.

In keeping with this stance, all the Manufacture’s products have been free from azo colourants since 2010.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture is proud to strengthen its ongoing commitment to “Nobles Ingredients” and has been involved for some years in an important research and development project that aims to develop alternatives to these controversial ingredients.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture has therefore chosen to replace these controversial substances with two different types of ingredients:


These are found in nature. Curcumin, carotene and beetroot red are widely used by the Manufacture. These ingredients are indicated on the packaging under “colourants for decorations”.


Rather than being additives, these are natural substances used in small amounts to colour foodstuffs. Carrots, radishes, blackcurrants, lemons and spirulina are widely used by the Manufacture. These ingredients are indicated on the packaging under “ingredients for colouring”.



Sharing expertise and devotion to fine chocolate is an essential value for the CLUIZEL Manufacture. This is why the Manufacture has chosen to develop sustainable partnerships with cocoa bean growers in order to create intense, unique chocolate.

Based on genuine human relationships, these partnerships reflect the CLUIZEL Manufacture’s respect for the terroir, expertise and product through the quality of its chocolate. Every Plantation chocolate tells the story of its meeting with a farmer. Its chocolate is the result of a close and long-lasting collaboration, based on trade, dialogue and respect.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture therefore wants to highlight the work of seven exceptional planters that it works with closely, all of whom have outstanding expertise.

An innovative corporate citizen

In keeping with its respect for nature, the CLUIZEL Manufacture is committed to an environmental approach.


Unencumbered by rules and regulations, and in response to a market increasingly sensitive to the need for environmental protection, it invested € 510,000 in the construction of a biological waste-water treatment works at the end of 2011. This has allowed the Manufacture to promote the use of natural reed-bed filtration systems for bio-treatment.


In 2013, the CLUIZEL Manufacture won first prize in the prestigious Trophée Croissance Verte, awarded by the French Ministry for the Environment, for this revolutionary waste-water treatment plant.


The Manufacture is also a member of the Club EPEE 2020, which seeks to promote clean, energy-efficient business. The club is devoted to the exchange of good practice between manufacturers involved in the initiative to reduce overall energy consumption from all sources.