Fuente de Oro - COLOMBIA

Located in Colombia, the El Jardin Plantation in Finca El Jardin on the Ariari river plains covers 20 hectares. The protection afforded by this exceptional and luxuriant environment allows the cocoa trees to flourish.

The El Jardín Plantation’s name alludes to the Meta region, which abounds with magnificent natural “gardens” and unique flora and fauna.

A gastronomic journey

The El Jardin Plantation is a clean plantation where there is no use of pesticides or fertilisers.


Thanks to the production methods employed and the outstanding expertise that gives the cocoa bean its array of aromas and fruit flavours, this El Jardín Plantation Chocolate exudes the intense aroma of the terroir of the Meta region in Colombia

A special relationship

The terroir of the El Jardín Plantation endows its beans with an unparalleled aromatic profile. Following the fermentation and drying process, the Plantation's owner and manager, Ruben Dario Garcia, sends the beans straight to the CLUIZEL Manufacture. This ensures that they are completely traceable.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture then roasts the beans itself and turns them into cocoa paste and, ultimately, into dark chocolate.

This chocolate is therefore the result of a close and long-lasting collaboration, based on trade, dialogue and respect.

An exceptional chocolate...

The El Jardín Plantation 69% Dark Chocolate produces notes that balance each other perfectly. This chocolate starts by revealing notes of honey, berries, light tobacco and caramel. In the middle, its complexity features peppery, toasted, woody and sun-dried tomato notes. The finish produces notes of mild and minty liquorice notes.


This chocolate is available in 3 kg mini grammes bags, 1 kg cocoa paste, 70 g bars, 5 g squares and as individual chocolates.