In the middle of the Caribbean, to the west of San Francisco de Macoris, lies the Los Anconès Plantation. Located in the middle of the island and at a slightly higher elevation, it enjoys warm and abundant rain carried by the trade winds.

The tropical, island climate of the Caribbean allows the cocoa trees to flourish all year round.

A family plantation

Almost nothing has changed at the Los Anconès Plantation since 1903 when the Rizek family began growing an aromatic variety of cocoa tree there. They are grown with respect for the trees and under the protection of palm trees, without the use of fertilisers or pesticides, thus producing organic beans. The beans are fermented for six or seven days and are left to dry on trays in the sun. Thanks to the sliding roof of the dryers, no moisture is reabsorbed by the beans.


Plantation manager Miguel Tejada also ensures that the workers have decent working conditions and that there no children work at the Plantation.


The partnership between the plantation and the CLUIZEL Manufacture, which dates back to 2002 and is based on complementary technical expertise, allows these organic cocoa beans to reveal the full splendour of their aromatic notes and respects the commitment to “Noble Ingredients” – a unique commitment to chocolate quality.

A sustainable relationship

The terroir of the Los-Anconès Plantation endows its beans with an unparalleled aromatic profile. Following the fermentation and drying process, the Plantation manager, Miguel Tejada, sends the beans straight to the CLUIZEL Manufacture. This ensures that they are completely traceable.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture then roasts itself the beans and turns them into cocoa paste and, ultimately, into dark chocolate.

This chocolate is therefore the result of a close and long-lasting collaboration, based on trade, dialogue and respect.

Exceptional chocolates

Los Anconès Plantation organic 67% Dark Chocolate has rich, indulgent notes. This chocolate unfolds to reveal a beautiful combination of wood and liquorice, berries and green olives, with a finish of currants and apricots.


This chocolate is available in 3 kg mini grammes® bags, 1 kg cocoa paste, 70 g bars, 5 g squares, individual chocolates and ganache bean ingots.