Our expertise




Both craftsmen and artists, the CLUIZEL Manufacture's dedicated employees excel in the three interrelated trades of: Cacaofèvier®, Confectioner & Chocolatier.

The Manufacture's complete mastery of all 3 areas allows it to carry out the entire manufacturing process for its products. It can therefore offer a wide range of couverture chocolates, as well as fillings and finishing touches or chocolates.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture creates limitless chocolate flavours; real, authentic chocolates endowed with a beautiful aromatic richness, demonstrating its skilful balance and trademark long finish.


The CLUIZEL Manufacture is unique among independent French family businesses in its complete mastery of the process of transforming the cocoa bean into cocoa paste and then into premium dark, milk or white chocolate. In the absence of a recognised designation for this skilled profession, the company named it “cacaofèvier®”, which means cocoa-bean processor.


The CLUIZEL Manufacture has developed a qualitative approach to its supply chain. The brand guarantees a uniform purchasing price and working conditions that respect the individual. By forgoing the use of intermediaries and defining detailed guidelines with partners for the rigorous selection of beans, it is able to ensure maximum traceability, both in terms of agricultural practice and the quality of the raw material.


Each terroir thus brings its own distinctive features to the chocolate originating from it. This strong sense of identity accounts for the unique characteristics of CLUIZEL products that engage all the senses.

The confectioner's secrets

All the CLUIZEL Manufacture’s recipes are developed in the Damville lab , which is home to a permanent team of staff working to create new flavours.

Its fillings are the result of painstaking work carried out using carefully selected premium raw materials.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture’s leading product - the traditionally made praline with its unmistakable flavour - is therefore produced using almonds and whole hazelnuts that are calibrated and cooked in copper pans with caramelised sugar. In keeping with traditional practice, they are then ground slowly using granite millstones, ensuring that the flavours of the nuts and sweet caramel are blended together perfectly.

The complete mastery of the confectioner's art allows the production of an array of pralines and other fillings, as well as a wide range of chocolates with exceptional fillings.


As Marc Cluizel likes to remind us: “You initially choose a chocolate with your eyes.” This is why the Manufacture’s craftsmen spend as much time on the appearance of the products as on developing the recipes themselves.

Thus, like a silversmith, they skilfully assemble the precious ingredients, covering them in a fine layer of high-quality chocolate before embellishing them by hand so as to please the eye. There are up to 10 different stages in the creation of a single chocolate, each one offering the balance of a delicate flavour.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture also produces many hand-decorated moulds featuring exclusive designs, as well as all kinds of specialist products (chocolate bars, fine tasting palets) and gourmet products (chocolate bars, coated nuts and dried fruit, liqueurs etc.).