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29 January 2024


The Fruit of Love

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Manufacture CLUIZEL unveils its new recipe “Le Fruit de l’Amour” with Elianza Ivory 33% Chocolate, a creation of our resident Pastry Chef Rémi Carreño Paredes.

In true Japanese style, this 8-step dessert evokes love and harmony, blending the delicacy of our Ivory chocolate with the fruity freshness of yuzu and yellow lemon.


Offer your customers an exceptional taste experience designed with passion for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.


You can find the recipe here : SAINT VALENTIN RECIPE

The Chef's inspiration:

" "The Fruit of Love" draws its essence from the harmony of Japanese flavors, revealing an unequivocal taste experience.
With passion and dedication, I dedicate this creation to the celebration of Valentine's Day, offering a subtle Japanese-inspired touch."

If you have any questions about how to use the CLUIZEL products in this recipe, please don't hesitate to contact our pastry chef, Rémi. He will be happy to offer you personalized assistance in using our products.