Jordi Puigvert Colomer

Jordi Puigvert Colomer

Pastry Chief and Consultant at Sweet'n Go

Having worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants and patisseries, Jordi Puigvert Colomer made it to the finals of the famous "Best Restaurant Dessert" competition in 2007.

Alongside his consultancy work, he has been teaching students how to make cakes, sweets and plated desserts at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Girona (Spain) for many years.

Ten years ago, he set up his own company, "Sweet’n Go", with a view to bringing his patisserie and innovative chocolate making techniques to a wider audience by running training courses and consulting for high end patisseries, hotels, restaurants, chocolatiers and caterers.

"The word that epitomises Manufacture CLUIZEL is 'quality'." It uses ingredients of the highest quality and creates products that are ideally suited to my needs as a pastry chef. That's why I’ve been working with the Manufacture for many years now.

It allows me the opportunity to fully express myself in my profession. I have the freedom to represent the brand with creations that suit me and
the way I work."

"The family structure enables me to be in direct contact with every department in the company; in that respect, I feel very much part of the Manufacture team and involved in product creation.

Finally, I like working with products from Manufacture CLUIZEL because they "speak for themselves", both in terms of their flavour and their quality. They are perfect when running training courses or giving demonstrations, adding instant appeal."